Joshua Gordon

Writer in electromobility and clean technology

EV Safe Charge installation service connects the dots for EV buyers

Buying an EV can be a relatively simple task for those who have bought a vehicle in the past. Too often however, what goes unnoticed is the complexities involved in EV charger installations. Whether it is choosing the right manufacturer, finding a reliable electrician, or understanding compatibility and safety, installation for both businesses and consumers carries challenges.
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Self-driving technology for trucks has emerged as a pivotal issue in Congress

In the United States alone there are over 3 million truck drivers. They helped create industry revenue of over $676.2 billion in 2016, moving 10.4 tons of freight, equivalent of 70% of all domestic freight tonnage, and contributing over $41 million in federal and state taxes. The American Trucking Associations projects freight transportation to grow 3.4% annually through to 2023, showcasing its substantial contribution to the US economy.

UK Diesel and Petrol Ban, puts EVs back in the Spotlight

The UK Government have set out plans to ban the production of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040, a bid to encourage consumers to switch to electric vehicles, The Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said: Britain “can’t carry on” with petrol and diesel cars because of the damage that they are doing to the environment. “There is no alternative to embracing new technology” Tesla, Inc. is at the forefront of technological innovations within the Electric Vehicle (EV) marketplace, the introduction

Tesla’s Powerpack offers warehouses energy flexibility

Warehouse facilities are a key component for logistic operations and managing the warehouse efficiently can have a noticeable impact on the bottom line. Energy requirements represent the major costs of warehouse operations, particularly those with the need for refrigeration. HVAC, lighting, and remote operation controls also contribute significantly to this cost. There are indeed technologies that are helping increase the efficiencies of these components such as temperature control and sensor l

Can anything stop the rise of electric vehicles?

The Tesla Model 3 at a price of $35,000 before incentives is one of the first electric vehicles (EVs) to compete in the passenger vehicle mass market, where the average price of a new car is $33,560 according to Kelley Blue Book. Prior to the announcement, Tesla’s base version of the Model S was the cheapest in the range, starting at $68,000. Analysts continue to argue that EVs are not ready to compete with internal combustion engines